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Run your AdWords & Bing campaigns with confidence knowing that Ad Shield is protecting your ads from invalid clicks in real time! From bot networks to competitors & telemarketers, nothing gets past Ad Shield.

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Saving your AdWords budget

Don’t advertise without it!

Anti-competitive clicks are rife in every industry and it’s up to you to do something about it. We lock down your campaigns and make sure that you’re not paying for invalid clicks on your ads.

We take care of the entire set up for you so you can advertise with confidence knowing that your ads are completely protected.

Your advertising budget will go further and your ads will be immune from anti-competitive behaviour

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Your ads need protection

Use Ad Shield to stop your competitors clicking on your ads. Yes it happens a lot! You’ll get advanced invalid click protection in a ‘completely done for you’ service.

You save your ad budget

We immediately stop fraudulent clicks on your account & we also submit detailed refund requests for you. Protect your ad budget proactively & start using Ad Shield.

Run Better Campaigns

Because your ad budget isn’t being wasted by clicks from competitors & offenders, you’ll get better results. From click farms, bad bots & competitors, you’re covered!

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Small code snippet is added to your site &
your ads are now immune to invalid clicks!

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